The Florenceville-Bristol & District Chamber of Commerce is a member-based organization that represents, promotes, and improves trade and commerce, and the economic, civic, and social interests of the district.

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A Special Welcome From Your Chamber President

Barb Meed - FBCC PresidentWelcome to our new Website for the Florenceville-Bristol and District Chamber of Commerce! We’ve started with some basics and we expect that as our membership grows, this website will adapt to everyone’s needs.

In building this website, we discovered that this site is ready to travel! No matter what device is your favourite technical preference, you will have the full site at your fingertips, from the calendar to your members’ benefits! You can even join while you and your business are on the go!

“Buying Local” isn’t just about economics. It’s about people. By putting bread (or in our case, potatoes) on your table, you are including your local grocers, your local growers, and your family and neighbours who work with them. You are a part of the “bigger picture” whether you are in business for yourself or providing a service to someone else’s business.

I’ve been my own boss since 2005 and I’ve been serving on the Chamber Board of Directors for a little over 5 years. My motive at the time was to let local businesses know who I was and what I could do for them. Little by little, my motives changed to what we can accomplish together with our Town Hall. It doesn’t only apply to our community, but throughout the Saint John River Valley. With that common goal, you will find events and links on our website that are shared with our town and many local organizations.

So, explore our new website and stay in touch. And be sure to tell us “Hi” when you walk in our doors!

Barbara Meed
FBCC President 2017-2018

Dear Business Owner

As a member of the local business community, the Florenceville-Bristol & District Chamber of Commerce (FBCC) would like to invite you to become a member of the Chamber. This website will provide you with information that describes the roll the FBCC plays as an organization representing local business interests as well as a list of the many advantages your business would enjoy as a Chamber member.

What Is The FBCC?

The Florenceville-Bristol & District Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1985 to help improve and promote the financial and public interests of the area. The backbone of this organization is comprised of many active members and volunteers of diverse businesses within the community. The FBCC is governed by an elected member board of directors and promotes community development by providing representation and services throughout the area.

Why Join The Chamber?

  1. Advocacy – Your membership strengthens the voice of the business community and adds resources to the FBCC to act as a voice of business when dealing with advocacy and economic development issues that affect our community.
  2. Benefits – The chamber is proud to offer our members an extensive benefits package. These benefits are designed to assist small, medium, and large businesses and their employees. Click here to view the full list of benefits available to our members.
  3. Events – Networking is essential to every business, whether you’re trying to sell a product or establish your company in the business community. We offer members numerous opportunities to meet and network on a monthly basis.
  4. Education – In order to maintain a sound and healthy organization, continuing education must be an objective of everyone. The FBCC includes an educational component in our membership to encourage our members and all of their employees to continue their education.
  5. Affiliation with the Atlantic Provinces Chamber of Commerce (APCC) and Other Chambers – This partnership enables members to network and participate in APCC and other Chambers’ events, workshops, and conferences providing an even broader perspective on businesses and the economy in New Brunswick and other provinces in Canada.

We would be pleased to welcome you as a new member of the Florenceville-Bristol & District Chamber of Commerce.

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