Trivia Questions and the Answers

Armour’s Meats Ltd.
9938 Route 105 Beechwood
(506) 278-5640  
Trivia Question from Facebook
Lean Hamburger is a favourite product shown on every list of Package Deals.  Name another:
Among the possible answers is Chicken Breasts,
Sirloin Steak, and Pork Chops to name a few.  
Bridgefront Service Station Ltd.
328 Centreville Road Florenceville-Bristol
(506) 392-6558  
Trivia Question from Facebook
This automobile company is all electric. Name the company:
Carleton Victoria Wood Producers Association
151 Perkins Way Florenceville-Bristol
(506) 392-5584  
Trivia Question from Website
How many land services are itemized on our website?
Did you answer “7”?  You’d be correct!  
Carleton-Fundy Mutual Insurance Company
8750 Main Street Florenceville-Bristol
(506) 392-6041  
Trivia Question from Website
What is the slogan of Carleton-Fundy Mutual Insurance Company?
Looking out for you  
Chamberlain Wealth Management Inc.
123 York Street Unit 100 Fredericton
(506) 457-5524  
Trivia Question from Website
Chamberlain Wealth Management was founded in Woodstock, services clients in every Canadian province, and is proud to have a strong base in Carleton County, both as the local Chambers Plan representative and with many individual clients.  Which City is home to the current Chamberlain Wealth Management headquarters?
11 Meeds Lane Florenceville-Bristol
(506) 392-6419  
Trivia Question from Facebook
How many awards have been earned at Big Brothers Big Sisters Festival of Trees?
3 winning ribbons have been awarded for
over 700 specially themed ornaments  
Fancy Coffee Services
8562 Main Street Florenceville-Bristol
(506) 392-2777  
Trivia Question from Facebook
What is the name of the private label coffee I was selling?
River Valley Blend  
109 King Street South Woodstock
(506) 328-4256  
Trivia Question from Facebook
What other Facebook pages are listed under additional information on the GraphXperts Design Services Facebook page?
Mooditude Apparel Canada, Grannys Graffiti And
Whatknots and Whats Happenin Guide  
Law Office of Jonathan Martin
20 Norkotah Crescent Florenceville-Bristol
(506) 703-4821  
Bonus: Trivia Question from Website
How many notable matters are on my website?
Melissa’s Pet Services
15 Russet Crescent Florenceville-Bristol
(506) 324-4297  
Trivia Question from Facebook
What dog breed is showing on the cover and profile of our Facebook page?
Border Collie  
Pure Therapy
129 Curtis Road Florenceville-Bristol
(506) 594-7873  
Bonus: Trivia Question from Website
What is one benefit of a registered massage therapist?
Treatment of illness, injury rehabilitation, and disability.  
River Valley Sun
Box 1000 Woodstock
(506) 324-5700  
Trivia Question from Facebook
When did the River Valley Sun publish its first edition?
February 15, 2019  
8726 Main Street Florenceville-Bristol
(506) 392-8044  
Trivia Question from Website
What is the CDIC (Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation) guaranteed dollar amount?
Second Wind Music Centre
16 Curtis Road Florenceville-Bristol
(506) 425-4999  
Trivia Question from Facebook
Counting this year, December 2021, how many years has the Second Wind Music Centre been presenting their annual Christmas Show featuring local Musicians and Story Tellers?
2021 is the 8th Annual Christmas Show  
Shamrock Inn & Train Suites
8 Curtis Road Florenceville-Bristol
(506) 392-8801  
Trivia Question from Website
How many people can sleep per night at Adventure on the Rails?
Accommodations for up to 6  
Town of Florenceville-Bristol
19 Station Road Florenceville-Bristol
(506) 392-6763  
Trivia question from Facebook
How many barrels are used in the Potato Barrel Christmas Tree display at Riverside Park?
36 is the correct answer!  
Village Green Florist
8985 Main Street Florenceville-Bristol
(506) 392-8281  
Trivia Question from Website
Do we arrange delivery nationwide or keep it local?
Village of Bath
161 School Street Bath
(506) 278-5293  
Trivia question from Facebook
What is the shape of the new Lookout by the Saint John River?
It’s shaped like a maple leaf!